Exhaust Wrap Exhaust Tube Wrap

Exhaust Tube Wrap, Max-Wrap and Max-Wrap Plus

Our eco-friendly 2400 degrees Fahrenheit sustained tube insulators do more than assist in exceeding the E.P.A.’s zero emissions standards. This insulation performs two major functions first it prevents heat loss by blocking heat from escaping the exhaust tube, allowing the exhaust vapors to burn much hotter for a longer period, this in turn produces cleaner air and zero carbon emissions. The other is to protect vital engine components, wiring and tubing, from the radiant heat of exhaust tubes, leaving the compartment significantly cooler.

This high heat exhaust wrap can be applied to tubes of any shape, length, or diameter. We use a variety of insulating materials that are that are .25” (SPI Exhaust Tube Wrap), .5” (Max-Wrap) or .75” (Max-Wrap Plus) thick depending on the thermal conductivity target needed. A variety of thermally insulated and protective sleeves act as foreign matter barriers and protect from rocks and other road debris, as well as various metals in different thicknesses for water, salt and brine resistant insulation encapsulation can be used to meet your specifications.